your choice/show off

Is there anything that you guys would like to see here at We Heart Hair? Certain colors, styles etc? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, do you think your hair has what it takes to be featured on the site? Send me a link to the photo and you may be featured right here! (With appropriate credit, of course)

Thanks for visiting and please promote us if you can. We want this site to be the go-to place for hairspo on the WWW.



  1. baby bangs!

    love the quality photos so far

  2. I work as a makeupartist and I do both hair and makeup(not a hairdresser though) and I thought I could try out if you find any of these interesting.

    all makeup and hair is by Marte Østensen, all photography is by Ramona Kamfjord

  3. Punk/goth/psychobilly/general alternative would be great and interesting!

  4. Thanks guys! Will get onto these right away. And Marte, you are a talented lady ;) Will add these with suitable themes x


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