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Tips for when growing your hair long:

  • There is no magical recipe for growing hair longer, faster. It comes down to genetics, lifestyle and current situation. The best thing to do is focus on staying healthy so it will be at the prime growth rate for you and to keep it maintained so it will be stronger and healthier. You want an instant change, opt for clip-in extensions.
  • Don't buy into supplements etc. They're a waste of money.
  • Warm hair with blow dryer for a few minutes to open the hair cuticle then apply olive oil all over, focusing more onto the ends. Do this once a week. No need for any expensive leave-in conditioners or anything.
  • Trim if you notice any breakage.
  • Massage your scalp daily for at least 5 minutes to keep up blood flow to the follicles.
  • Exercise, stay healthy and drink water.
  • Only use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to brush hair when it's wet.
  • Sleep with a loose braid and if you really care, a satin pillow. Both these methods hinder further breakage.
On average, if you have shoulder length hair and you live a healthy lifestyle, your hair should be down near your elbow in a year without any trims.

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