pink berry

As requested by Corrine!

I have also added in non-hair images just for some colorspiration! Enjoy kiddos! xx


  1. Love love love love love! Thank you so much for posting these. I am happy to have a few files now filled with pink inspiration thanks to you! It's so nice having all these amazing hair photos in one place to just look through and think of so many ideas!

    If I could make another request it would be faux hawks on long haired girls. I really can't find anything. ): Or pomps on girls!

  2. WOW I'm feeling inspired. This blog is such a treasure-trove of amazing ideas. Do you have any pics of creative colour on shorter hair? All these girls have beautiful long hair, but I'd love to see examples of dip-dyes on bobs! You do an AMAZING job <3


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